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Career and Technical Education (CTE) at Gloucester

Grant Funded Training

​RCSJ - Gloucester is a recommended training provider for the New Jersey Department of Labor and a member of the New Jersey Council of Community Colleges. We can help you access varied grant training funds which are currently available to develop and upgrade the skills of your workers.​

NJBIA Workforce Skills Grant: 
Launched in 2007, this program is a partnership between the New Jersey Business & Industry Association (NJBIA), the State's community colleges and the NJ Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The NJBIA, with 21,000 member companies statewide, is the country's largest state business advocacy organization. Since inception, over 1,000,000 employees from 10,000 New Jersey businesses and organizations have received training. Any New Jersey company or organization, regardless of size, is eligible for this program at no cost:
Employees must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Employees must work either part-time (20 hours per week) or full-time
  • Employees must be paid by employer at their usual hourly rate while in training 
  • Employer must have a valid FEIN number, job title(s) and wage range of participant(s)
  • Public employees and unemployed persons are NOT eligible for this program
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Can you tell if someone is telling the truth just by looking at them? It is a skill that a lot of people do not have. Through Body Language Basics you will be given a set of tools to use to your advantage. These tools can be utilized in the office and at home. Understanding body language will provide you a great advantage in your daily communications. Body Language Basics will provide you with a skill set to help you understand that what is not said is just as important as what is said. It will also give you the ability to see and understand how your own body language may be interpreted. You will be able to adjust and improve the way you communicate through non-verbal communication.

Tues. & Thru.
4/11 & 4/13                        9-12       Live Online
6/6 & 6/8                             2 sessions: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6

Writing is a key method of communication for most people, and it's one that many people struggle with. Writing and communication skills have degraded with more and more people communicating through email and text messaging. Developing writing skills is still important is the business world as creating proper documents (such as proposals, reports, and agendas), giving you that extra edge in the workplace. The Business Writing workshop will give your participants a refresher on basic writing concepts (such as spelling, grammar, and punctuation), and an overview of the most common business documents. These basic skills will provide your participates with that extra benefit in the business world that a lot of people are losing.

Tues & Thru.
5/9 & 5/11                           9-12       Live Online
8/8 & 8/10                           2 sessions: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6

You are in your office looking over your performance report and it happened again. Your low performing employee failed to meet quota this month, even after you spoke with them about the importance of meeting goals. This employee has a great attitude and you know they can do better. You just do not know how to motivate them to reach the goal. Money used to work, but that has worn off. You are baffled and you know being frustrated makes matters worse. What do you do? Coaching and Mentoring focuses on how to better coach your employees to higher performance. Coaching is a process of relationship building and Goal setting. How well you coach is related directly to how well you are able to foster a great working relationship with your employees through understanding them, and strategic goal setting.

Tues & Thru.
4/25 & 4/27                        9-12       Live Online
9/5 & 9/7                             2 sessions: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6

Taking control over the emotions that shape our lives can have powerful effects. Emotional intelligence (EI) is the ability to recognize and manage our emotions, behaviors, and impulses, as well as apply this knowledge to the world around us. It encourages self-awareness, internal motivation, and the exploration of diverse perspectives. Through effective and authentic communication, emotional intelligence will create positive relationships within any organization. Emotional intelligence is a skill that can be developed, in which these skills will help you to maximize your personal and professional success. The Developing Emotional Intelligence course will provide participants with the tools to gain control over emotions, navigate challenging situations, and communicate empathetically. With emotional intelligence, you can build a happy and prosperous life.

Tues. & Thru.
5/23 & 5/25                        9-12       Live online
7/11 & 7/13                        2 sessions: 6hrs., CEU 0.6

Six Sigma is a data-driven approach for eliminating defects and waste in any business process. You can compare Six Sigma with turning your water faucet and experiencing the flow of clean, clear water. Reliable systems are in place to purify, treat, and pressure the water through the faucet. That is what Six Sigma does to business: it treats the processes in business so that they deliver their intended result. Our Lean Process And Six Sigma workshop will provide an introduction to this way of thinking that has changed so many corporations in the world. This workshop will give participants an overview of the Six Sigma methodology, and some of the tools required to deploy Six Sigma in their own organizations.

Tues & Thru.
5/2 & 5/4                             9-1          Live Online
9/12 & 9/14                        2 sessions: 8 hrs., CEU 0.8

 There are millions of American citizens struggling with debt.  A lot of debt can be alleviated if you have the right tools.  This workshop will provide you with the tools you need to reduce or eliminate debt, and give you the financial stability you need.  The guide teaches you the benefits of having a budget and how to build a budget that fits your needs, and lifestyle. You will discover how you can cut costs, pay off debts, and live within your budget.

4/19                                       6-9          Live Online
6/14                                       9-12       1 session: 3hrs., CEU0.3​


Many studies have found that public speaking is the number one fear for most people; outranking flying, snakes, insects, and even death. Ironically, it is also one of the skills that can make or break a person's career. Your participants will be provided with a set of skills that will complement their current presentation skill set. The Presentation Skills workshop will give participants some presentation skills that will make speaking in public less terrifying and more enjoyable. This workshop includes topics that participants can look forward to including: creating a compelling program, using various types of visual aids, and engaging the audienc

Tues & Thru.
6/20 & 6/22        9-12       Live Online

8/22 & 8/24        2 sessions; 6 hrs., CEU 0.6



Although the definition of a sale is simple enough, the process of turning someone into a buyer can be very complex. It requires you to convince someone with a potential interest that there is something for them in making their interest concrete – something that merits spending some of their hard-earned money. The Sales Fundamentals workshop will give participants a basic sales process, plus some basic sales tools, that they can use to seal the deal, no matter what the size of the sale. Your participants will become more confident, handle objections, and learning how to be a great closer.

Tues & Thru.
5/16 & 5/18        9-12       Live Online

7/25 & 7/27        2 sessions: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6



Supply Chain Management improves the coordination and relationship between Suppliers, Producers, and Customers. It must be kept at a high level of organization to be successful in today's global economy. Goods and services are now pieced together from all over the world, and this process can be hectic and complicated if not managed correctly. With Supply Chain Management your company and employees will be on target to lower costs, improving efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction. This course will provide your employees with the understanding of how Supply Chain Management can improve and help almost any type of business.

Friday                                    5/12 & 5/19        9-1          Live Online

Tuesday                               9/19 & 9/26        9-1          2 sessions: 8 hrs., CEU 0.8



In the United States today, women make up half of the workforce. Unfortunately for women, their male colleagues are promoted at a much higher rate. Women offer great work ethnics, and bring something different from men to the workforce, but many times it goes unnoticed.  In this workshop, you will learn about how organizations can develop women leaders, about the benefits of women in organizations, as well as advancements for the future of women. You will learn how women in the workplace cannot only benefit the women themselves, but also your organization as well. With the Women in Leadership workshop, your participants will learn how women are changing the workforce. Through this workshop, your participants will gain a new perspective on the workforce, and what benefits can come from hiring and promoting women to higher positions.

Wednesday                        5/24 & 5/31        9-12       Live Online

Tues & Thru                        8/15 & 8/17                        2 sessions: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6



This course will introduce you to Microsoft Excel basics including creating spreadsheets, formulas, functions, text formatting and charts. At the completion of this course,

you will be able to perform basic Excel skills such as modifying an existing worksheet, building worksheets, copying and moving cells and much more.


Wednesday                        5/3                         9-1          Live Online: 4 hrs., CEU 0.4

Wednesday                        6/28 & 7/12        9-12       Live Online: 6 hrs., CUE 0.6

Wednesday                        9/6                         6-10       Live Online: 4 hrs., CEU 0.4




This course covers using multiple worksheets and workbooks, linking multiple worksheets and workbooks, advanced formatting, using list and tables, sorting and

filtering featuring and working with styles and themes.


Wednesday                        5/17                       9-1          Live Online: 4 hrs., CEU 0.4

Wednesday                        7/26 & 8/2          9-12       Live online: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6

Wednesday                        9/13                       6-10       Live Online: 4 hrs., CEU 0.4




This course demonstrates advanced data analysis, collaborating on workbooks with other users and automating workbook functionality. This course covers creating sparklines and map data, forecast data, advanced functions such as pivot tables and charts, exporting and importing data, lookups and analytical options.


Wednesday                        6/7                         9-1          Live Online: 4 hrs., CEU 0.4

Wednesday                        8/9 & 8/16           9-12       Live Online: 6 hrs., CEU 0.6

​Wednesday                        9/20                     6-10       Live Online: 4 hrs., CEU ​ 0.4              ​

Registration Link for All Classes​

​​To Register for classes:


Felicia Carroll     856 - 415-2216   or email: [email protected]

Allen Magid        856-468-5000 x5503 or email: [email protected]​​

Gloucester County Incumbent Worker Training Grant (for Gloucester County Businesses Only)​

Grant funds are available to help Gloucester County Employers to build and maintain a quality workforce and increase both employee Skills, retention of employees, and improve job effectiveness while improving company performance.

Contact: Allen Magid, Business Development Manager
Rowan College South Jersey Gloucester Campus
856-468-5000 x5503

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