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Learning Online

Customize Your College Experience!

​​Whether your preference is to learn in-person or online, RCSJ's four academic delivery styles — on-campus, hybrid, live online and traditional online — offer more options and opportunities to customize your college experience. Registered Students should check their schedules to see their courses' format type.

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Learn Your Way This Semester


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Tips for Learning Online


Optimize Your Computer

Have Strong Internet

Zoom, just like other videoconferencing tools, requires a high-speed internet connection to function well. Be wired when you can and minimize the number of other wireless connections when you can't be wired.


Optimize Your Setting

Find a Quiet Place

Learning is best when you have a setting where you can focus. Try finding a place that is free of distractions/excess noise, and offers privacy. You'll be able to focus more during lectures.


Dress The Part

Dress Appropriately

Even though your Live Online course might be virtual, it helps to look the part. Your instructor may ask you to have your camera on. Plus, studies suggest dressing the part makes you concentrate too!


Stay Social

Turn on your Webcam

We get it—everyone's a little camera shy sometimes, at least to start; however, having your camera on and seeing your peers is one way to help bridge the "distance" of a Live Online course.


GooD NetIquette

Not Talking? Hit Mute

Don't forget to mute yourself if you're not talking. You'd be surprised how much background noise a microphone picks up—dogs barking, cars, planes, or even keyboard clicks.


Get the Best Experience

Avoid Calling In

Internet connections can act up and while you have the option to dial in, your experience is best on a computer or phone/tablet running Zoom. Plus, a discussion is often difficult because of call-in audio delays.


Stay Engaged

Be an Active Participant

Live Online mimics the classroom. Speak up by unmuting and adding to the current conversation, use chat to add something without interrupting, and raise your hand with the "Raise Hand" button in Zoom.