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​College Credit & Degree Programs

​​Earn college credits and gain your associates degree. ​​​​​

Please review the credit degree programs and certificates below through the CTE Division.

All students must Apply to the appropriate campus to begin the process of enrolling into a college credit-based degree or certificate program.

​Visit the Enrollment page to learn the the appropriate steps for your chosen campus if enrolling into a college credit-based degree or certificate program.

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Get Credit for What You Know!

Do you have prior experience in your field? Maybe you have certifications or non-credit credentials? Use our Prior Learning Assessments to show us what you know!

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CTE Credit Programs

  • Automotive Technology

    The goal of this program is to provide graduates with theory and practice through classroom study and internships, to qualify for immediate employment in the automotive industry or to transfer to a four-year automotive management program.

    Offered At

  • Health Information Technology


    This degree is designed for the student who is seeking a professional career based in the healthcare arena. The field of Health Information Technology deals with the gathering, storage, and abstraction of health data. This data can be transformed into meaningful and useful information that can be utilized by various professionals for a variety of purposes. Students educated in the field of Health Information Technology can perform various job duties and are employed in a variety of settings. Acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, rehabilitation facilities, insurance agencies, and pharmaceutical companies are just a sampling of employers. This field has a national professional organization, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA).

    Offered At

  • Medical Coding (Certificate)*

    This certificate program will prepare the student to work in many areas requiring coding expertise. The coding courses follow the prerequisites Medical Terminology and Human Biology, which expose the student to terms and anatomy necessary for learning medical coding. This program can be completed as a full-time or part-time student. The program at Camden County College is approved by the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). Medical coders provide an essential part of managing health information that allows hospitals and physician offices to receive payment for services. Each diagnosis or treatment is assigned a code for which payment may be received. Code assignments are based on coding classification guidelines, federal regulations and sometimes state regulations. In the United States healthcare can be complex and has many components including the clinical side, administrative elements, and governmental oversight. Adequately trained personnel are essential for proper reporting of information to ensure correct reimbursement. Area medical facilities currently seek trained staff with the coding skills necessary to efficaciously meet the financial needs of these institutions. Theory and lab experience will provide the learner with job-readiness skills.

    Offered At

  • Process Technology


    he Process Technology program is designed for students interested in a career working in industrial processing plants. Graduates of this program will be prepared for employment in the pharmaceutical, chemical and petroleum processing industries. The program curriculum will provide students exposure to a scientific background emphasizing hands-on work, critical thinking skills and opportunities for internships throughout the region.​

    Offered At

  • Risk Management And Insurance A.A.S.


    Insurance professionals make a career out of protecting their community and helping people in times of need. If you want to make a difference, an insurance career may be right for you. Students in this program will be prepared to take The Institutes certification examinations as they move through the program. At the completion of year one, full-time students who have passed The Institutes’ exams will have earned their Associate in Claims (AIC) Certification. At the completion of the second year, in addition to completing their Cumberland A.A.S., students who have passed The Institute’s exams will have earned their Associate in Risk Management (ARM) certification. Awarding of the Cumberland degree will not be dependent on achievement of The Institutes certification.

    Offered At

  • Technical Studies

    The Technical Studies Degree Program is designed for individuals who wish to validate their prior apprenticeship, corporate, industrial, or military training and receive college credits for these experiences so that they may complete their degrees. After a formal assessment of this prior learning, technical credits will be awarded.

    Offered At

  • Wind Power and Turbine Technology (Certificate)


    This program will provide students thorough knowledge and understanding of fluid hydraulic systems; electrical machinery; mechanical operations; computer and information technology skills; wind turbine operation, maintenance, installation and assembly; and safety, through a combination of classroom and/or online lecture and hands-on laboratory learning modules

    Offered At

Gloucester; Cumberland