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STEM Students in classroom and in front of MEC Building

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Open Educational Resources (OER)

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Online Podagogy is RCSJ's podcast hosted by Brooke Hoffman, Instructional Designer here at the College. The podcast explores various topics related to online teaching and learning.

Our episodes are listed below, so give it a listen!​

**Any views or opinions represented in this podcast are personal and belong solely to the interview participants. They do not represent those of Rowan College of South Jersey, unless explicitly stated.

Episode 1: Nice Post! I Agree!​ - 26m 56s
Brooke and Mike Niecoski, Faculty Training Specialist in the CTL, chat about their love/hate relationship with online discussion boards and offer some tips and perspectives. ​

Episode 2: Bringin' Tech Savvy Back - 30m 40s
Brooke talks with instructor Christine Ogin and instructional designer Judy Cirucci on the topic of technology literacy. Are students really tech-savvy? Our guests will share some classroom experiences and ways to help our students use technology for education and their future careers.