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Templates & Additional Resources

​​Below are some resources you might find helpful. If you need any additional help or information regarding anything below, please contact the CTL or eLearning Support.

Online and Hybrid Course Template​

This .zip file contains the basic course menu layout for online and hybrid courses and is meant to be loaded in to any online or hybrid course shell. This template is simply the "skeleton" of an online/hybrid course, and requires that an instructor add all of their own content to the course. To download the file and find out how to load it into your course, click the link below.

File: Online and Hybrid Course Template​

Module Overview Template

​The module overview template is a Word.docx file that you are welcome to download and edit to use in your online or hybrid course. A Module Overview document is a document that is created for each week/module of your online course, and works as a single place of reference for your students so they can see verything they need to do in a given week/module.  For more information on how to use this document, please reach out to eLearning or the CTL.

File: Module Overview Template

Online & Hybrid Course Self-Review Rubric

This self-review rubric for hybrid and online courses (linked below) is designed to be used by an instructor to reflect on the design of their online course. Instructors should feel free to download a copy of the rubric and do a self-review for any or all of their online or hybrid courses.

The rubric is designed with Quality Matters, the Online Learning Consortium, and Rowan College's Best Practices in mind.

The rubric is not a pass/fail exercise that will result in punishment if you don't reach the 85% threshold; instead, the rubric is designed so that instructors can identify areas for improvement. 

File: Online & Hybrid Course Review Rubric

Carnegie Hours Compliance Form

​The attached document is the official Carnegie Hours Compliance Form, which is required to be completed by all instructors teaching an online or hybrid course in order to be compliant with Middle States regulations. 

Document: ​​Carnegie Hours Revised 11-2-18.docx