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Educational Opportunity Fund

Cumberland EOF Summer Institute

2023 Summer Institute Application Cycle Closed!

Students interested in joining 2024 EOF Summer Institute should check back in January 2024. ​​

The 2023 EOF Summer Institute at RCSJ offers new college students an opportunity to prepare for the academic and social demands of college life. Students admitted into the Summer Institute will have the opportunity to enhance their skills and knowledge as future EOF scholars and leaders. The goal is to prepare students for an effective transition into the Fall 2023 semester. 

The EOF Summer Institute is 100% free! This interactive program hosts a variety of workshops and activities throughout a span of 6-7 weeks. EOF will help students develop strong peer support, acquire various academic skills, and explore career possibilities.​

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 If anyone would like more information regarding the Cumberland 2023 EOF Summer Institute, please email [email protected] or call 856-200-4691.

Gloucester; Cumberland