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Degrees & Certificates

Fine Arts, A.F.A. (Cumberland)

For students who want to concentrate on fine arts courses and take fewer liberal arts electives than students in the Fine and Performing Arts Associate in Arts degree programs. The Associate in Fine Arts program prepares you to transfer as a junior in a fine arts bachelor's degree program at an art college. You can specialize in ceramics, painting, drawing or sculpture. You'll get a solid foundation in drawing and design along with the time to specialize in your chosen art medium. You'll learn critical and creative thinking skills, and the techniques of artistic practice. You'll compile a strong art portfolio, which is necessary for applying to four-year colleges and jobs. 

Program Goals

  • Define the visual elements and design principles including the terms associated with each in written form.
  • Utilize historical references and be able to locate and critically evaluate information and information sources in design and fine arts.
  • Exhibit proficiency in drawing skills including linear perspective. 
  • Apply 2D and 3D terminology, techniques, and knowledge of various mediums. 
  • Create a portfolio that conforms to expectations of BA or BFA programs in art or design for successful transfer or employment.

The content and requirements of the program requirements may be altered at any time at the discretion of the College. The program requirements were checked for accuracy at the time of publishing but should not be considered a contract between the College and the student.