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Students in the Academic Support Center

Tutoring at Gloucester

Academic Coaching

​​​​Rowan College of South Jersey is committed to student success. As part of this commitment​, the Academic Support Center offers Academic Coaching to all RCSJ students. 

The academic coaches work with students one-on-one to help students figure out how, when, and where they learn best. This includes helping students set priorities, develop effective strategies, and maintain focus throughout the school year. The coaches assist students with the development and strengthening of skills that promote resilience, confidence, and self-directed learning. Coaches help students develop accountability and encourage students to fully engage with all of the resources and learning opportunities Rowan College offers. Coaches follow up with students regularly to check in on students' progress and success. 

Academic coaches will work with students on any topic related to being successful academically, including study skills, time management, organization skills, test-taking, self-awareness, and goal clarification.

What Do Academic Coaches Do?

  • ​​Create an environment in which students strengthen their skills
  • Motivate students to take ownership of their academic success
  • Assist students with building organizational skills
  • Help students focus on their academic goals and help them identify the steps and means by which to reach them
  • Help students develop strong time-management skills
  • Show students how to study and prepare for tests effectively

​Who Needs Coaching?

  • Students who study for many hours but don't quite get the results they are hoping for
  • ​Students who want to improve their GPA
  • Students who are unable to apply the information they've memorized
  • Students who forget key material just before the test
  • First-time, first-generation college students who are trying to navigate through the college world
  • Students who feel unmotivated to go to class
  • Students who cram before every test or quiz
  • Everyone else

If any of the above descriptions apply to you, then you would be a great candidate for academic coaching. Academic coaches provide encouragement​ and access to other services and RCSJ resources. The coaches are trained in the areas of:

  • Time management
  • Motivation
  • Listening and note-taking
  • College reading
  • Exam preparation
  • Study skills

To schedule an appointment with an academic coach, please click HERE​ or contact the Academic Support Center at (856) 415-2248 or (856) 468-5000 ext. 6427.