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Financial Aid at Cumberland

Book Vouchers and Refunds

​Students who are eligible for a refund may use a portion of it to purchase books and supplies at the start of the semester. This process is referred to as receiving a "book voucher."

Book vouchers are issued electronically by the Business Office, and are available only during designated periods during the term. The availability of book vouchers depends on when the student's financial aid application is reviewed and if the aid has been awarded to their college account.

Students must first check with the Bursar Office to see if they qualify for a book voucher. If they do, eligible students should go directly to the College Bookstore to purchase their textbooks and supplies. Note: students must present a copy of their Student Detailed Schedule and a valid college ID, as per the Bookstore policy.   

Contact the Bursar Office for more information at 856-200-4848 or [email protected]
Expired Book Vouchers

When a book voucher expires, a student's account is adjusted to reflect the actual amount he or she spent at the bookstore using the book voucher. If a student's source of outside funding (i.e., grants, loans, third-party scholarships) does not pay, it is the student's responsibility to pay this charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

​What is a book voucher?​ Book vouchers are given to students who receive funding (i.e., grants, loans, third-party scholarships) that exceeds the total cost of tuition and fees on their term bills.

When are they issued?
Book vouchers typically are issued one week before the start of the fall and spring semesters and on the first day of the semester for winter and summer terms.

How much may I receive?
​Book voucher amounts are determined by how much excess funding is available. The maximum amount a student may receive is:​
  • Fall/Spring Term — $1,000
  • Summer Terms — $800
If a student is a first term nursing student and requires a larger book voucher than the maximum amount, they must contact the Bursar Office.

How do I find out whether I will receive a voucher?
During book voucher periods, students may find out their book voucher amounts by checking their Portal or by contacting the Business Office.

How do I check the student Portal?
Students should follow these steps to access their Portal:
  1. Log into the Portal on the RCSJ homepage
  2. Click the "Self-Serv" icon
  3. Select "Student Finance"
  4. Click "Account Activity"
  5. ​Then select "Account Summary by Term"

How do I obtain my voucher?
All book vouchers are sent electronically to the RCSJ College Bookstore. If students have a book voucher charge on their accounts during the designated period, they may go directly to the Bookstore. Note: students must bring a copy of their college ID and Student Detail Schedule, as per the College Bookstore policy.  

If they do not have book vouchers and are eligible, they must contact the Bursar Office for additional assistance.

Do I need to pick up something from Financial Aid and take it directly to the bookstore, or can it all be done online?
Students do not need to pick up anything or obtain a physical voucher. Book vouchers are sent electronically to the bookstore.

May I purchase school supplies, such as notebooks and day planners, at the bookstore with the allotted amount on my book voucher?
Yes, students may use their book vouchers to purchase school supplies at the bookstore.

Refund Information
After all tuition and fees have been deducted, students may receive a refund. Refunds are processed by the Bursar Office beginning the sixth week of each semester or within 14 days of financial aid disbursement.  Refunds are processed and issued on a weekly basis thereafter until the conclusion of the semester. Students can learn more about the refund schedule and college policy on the Bursar Office website.

Refund checks are mailed to the student. Under no circumstance can refunds be picked up at the college. Students must verify their mailing address is correct, either by checking this information at the Department of Student Records or on the Portal. All address changes must be made through Student Records in the Student Services building.

Check Status of Refund

Students may check the status of their refunds by viewing their term bills on the Portal. If a student has a refund charge on his/her account summary and the term balance is $0, the refund has been processed and is on its way to being printed and mailed.

How to View the Account Summary by Term:
  1. Log into the Self Service Portal
  2. Click the "Student Finance" tab
  3. Click "Account Activity" link
  4. Use drop box o select term

    Contact the Business Office for more information at 856-200-4848.