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Students getting advisement from Rowan College staff

Advisement at Gloucester



How do I get an Advisor?

The moment you are enrolled at RCGC you have an advisor.  Advisors are assigned to students by the major they declare.  Undecided students typically major in A.A. Arts & Sciences which also has its own advisor.  For a complete list of advisors listed by majors, please click here.

If you are enrolled in special program such 3+1 or Rowan Choice, the Rowan University Center will assign you an advisor.  High school students who enroll into the HSOP program are assigned an advisor by the Center for College & Career Rediness.  Students enrolled into the Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) will be assigned an advisor by the EOF Program Office.

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How do I make an appointment to see my Advisor?

Students can make an appointment with their advisor by clicking here.  Availabilty for appointments may vary throughout the academic year.  Traditionally, the weeks leading up the to beginning of a new semester are often busy for advisors and appointment slots may be limited.  When course registration for the next semester opens (middle of October for Winter/Spring registration, middle of February for Summer/Fall registration), appointment slots may also be limited.  Appointments with advisors can be made up to 30 days in advance, so plan your time accordingly!

If you are enrolled in special program such 3+1 or Rowan Choice, contact the Rowan University Center to make an appointment with your assigned advisor. If you are enrolled into the HSOP program contact the Center for College & Career Rediness to meet with your assigned advisor.  Students enrolled into the Equal Opportunity Fund (EOF) can contact the EOF Program Office to also meet with their assigned advisor.

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What is Express Advisement?

Express Advisement(formerly Walk-in Advisement) is conducted in the lobby of the Student Services Building.  Express Advisement is designed to accommodate quick questions or transactions for students who did not make an appointment with their advisor.  These transactions may include completing a change of major form, add/drop classes, complete a petition to graduate, or completion of a variance request.  Matters that require privacy and in-depth discussions are better addressed during an appointment with your Academic Advisor.

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How do I declare or change my major?

Traditional students enrolled at RCGC will declare their major when compeleting the enrollment application.  Students can change their major anytime they want, however, they should meet with their advisor to discuss the impact it may have with the courses that have been previously completed.  Change of Major froms can be received from their assigned advisor or by seeing an advisor in Express Advisement.  Change of Major forms will require an advisor's signature before being submitted to the Office of Student Records.

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What is My Academic Plan (MAP)?

Academic Maps serve as a tool for planning your coursework to ensure you complete your degree within two years.  The map is a semester-by-semester breakdown of the courses needed to complete your degree.  Academic Maps are obtained during your first semester appointment with your advisor.  Academic Maps for each student may vary depending on the degree you are seeking, foundational coursework that is required, entry point into the curriculum, and the successful completion of each course listed on the map.  Academic maps provide students with helpful tips such as prerequisite requirements and courses that are only offered during the fall or spring semesters.  Some maps also provide course suggestions for transferring to a four-year institution.

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What should I do if I do not know what I want to major in?

The CAP Center assists students and alumni with identifying a major and/or career
that best suits their strengths, skills, and goals. CAP Center staff works with employers,
faculty, staff, and The County of Gloucester departments and agencies to increase
community outreach and foster RCSJ students’ overall career development.
The CAP Center Offers:

  • Free, one-on-one career advising for both RCSJstudents and alumni at all
    degree and educational levels
  • Career and major exploration assessments to help students better understand
    their interests
  • Information about local job and internship opportunities
  • Resume/cover letter writing and review
  • Mock interview practice
  • Access to local job fairs and job searching workshops

The CAP Center is located in the College Center, room 212.
Hours: Monday – Friday: 9 am–5 pm
(Friday mornings are drop-in only — no appointment necessary)

For contact information to the CAP Center, click here.

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How do I find out the course requirements for a particular major?

With more than 70 academic programs in allied health, business, humanities, mathematics, the sciences and technologies, Rowan College offers students the opportunity to pursue a career, earn an associate degree or transfer to a four-year university. Learn about the many undergraduate degrees and certificates available through the College's five ​​academic divisions by clicking here.

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How do I find out which courses I still have to complete to earn my degree?

The online Degree Evaluation is an electronic tool that allows a student to track their academic progress toward the completion of the degree they are seeking to earn.  The Degree Evaluation lists the courses that have been previously completed, the courses the student is currently registered for, and the courses that still need completing.  The dynamic report will also include variance approvals (course substitutes approved by the respective Dean), total credits needed to complete the degree, and the number of credits the student has currently earned.  This document is updated each semester as students complete degree requirements to reflect the most up to date reporting of a students academic progress.

To access a Degree Evaluation

  1. Visit and log into the portal
  2. Locate the Registration Tools area (left side) and select Degree Evaluation
  3. At the bottom of the page, select Generate New Evaluation
  4. Select your degree and click Generate Request (Do not adjust term)
  5. Select Detail Requirements and click Submit

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Who can I talk to regarding transfer opportunities?

Transfer Services promotes​ academic and transfer planning success by offering comprehensive support designed to empower students seeking to transfer from RCSJto a four-year institution. Transfer Services facilitates the transfer process by assisting students in researching universities as well as strategizing their pursuit of post-RCSJ educational goals through a wide variety of resources including individualized transfer planning sessions.  Students are highly encouraged to begin their transfer planning process as early as their first semester at RCSJto ensure they are optimizing their transfer potential.  For more information about Transfer Services or to make an appointment, please click here.

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I have earned credits from another institution.  How can I apply these credits to RCSJ?

If you have attended another institution and would like to have those credits applied toward the degree you are seeking at RCSJ, you will need to complete a Transfer of Credits Request Form and submit it to the Admissions Office located in the Student Services Building.  In addition to submitting this form, a copy of your official transcript from the institution you attended will also need to be submitted.  Once received, the courses you completed will be evaluated and credit for equivalent coursework will be applied to your RCSJtranscript.  A copy of the Transfer of Credits Request From can be obtained by clicking here.

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When can I register for courses for the next semester?

Course registration is available to all students at various times throughout the year and may be done in-person, online or by mail-in registration form depending on student type. Specific registration dates are emailed to all current students prior to registration opening for that term. Registration dates and times are featured on the RCSJ website, Students are encouraged to meet with an academic advisor for registration. This can be done through an appointment or during open advisement hours in the Student Services lobby. Advisement appointments are scheduled online at

  • Current Students who do not require a personal identification number (PIN)* may begin registering the first week of registration through the RCSJ Portal.
  • Current Students who require a PIN* may begin to register the second week of term registration. Students must meet with an academic advisor to obtain a PIN. Students then register through the RCSJ Portal.
  • New students are eligible for Open Registration dates and also require a PIN. Prior to registration, new students should apply to the college, receive an acceptance packet and satisfy the placement test requirements.
  • Visiting Students must complete the online visiting student application and are encouraged to register via the online Visiting Student Registration Request Form located at Visiting Students are non-matriculated and not eligible for financial aid.

Students who receive a status error of Reserve Closed or Campus Restriction must
select another section.

* Current students with a minimum of 15 non-remedial RCSJcredits can register without a PIN number. All other students require a PIN to register. Special cohort groups (Athletes, EOF, HSOP, T2K, NJ STARS, etc.) may require a PIN regardless of credit number.

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I am getting an error when registering for a class.  Who should I contact?

Some students may experience an error when registering for a course.  These errors may be related to a hold on your account or not meeting the prerequisites for the course you are trying to register for.  In the event you do encounter an error, contact your Academic Advisor immediately by making an appointment or by visiting Express Advisement located in the lobby of the Student Services Building.  If you are an EOF student, please contact the EOF Program Office.  If you are a 3+1 or Rowan Choice student, please contact the Rowan University Center.

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I may have failed a course.  How do I know if this will impact my financial aid?

You will need to contact the Financial Aid Department to see what effect your academic standing will have on your Financial Aid status. The Financial Aid Department is located in the Student Services Building and contact information for the Financial Aid Department can be obtained by clicking here.

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What is Academic Probation/Leave?

Academic Progress: A student at Rowan College at Gloucester County is deemed to be making satisfactory progress toward the completion of program requirements when he/she has earned a cumulative GPA of 2.00 or higher.

Academic Probation: A student will be placed on academic probation by allowing his/her cumulative GPA to fall below 2.00 after a minimum of 12 college-level credits have been attempted.

Credit Restrictions and Requirements while on Probation: During the first semester on academic probation, the student may enroll for no more than 14 credits. This credit restriction will continue as long as the student is on probation and the semester GPA is at least 2.00.

During any semester on academic probation, should the semester GPA fall below 2.00, the student will be further restricted to 12 credits for subsequent semesters on probation.  Students on academic probation do not qualify for the President’s or Dean’s Lists. While on probation, the student will be advised to participate in advising sessions with a counseling advisor.

Removal from Probation Status: A student will be removed from academic probation status when his/her cumulative GPA has risen to 2.00 or above. Once removed from probation status for one semester, any student returned to probation status will begin the probation cycle again.

Academic Leave: A student restricted to 12 credits who receives a semester GPA of less than 2.00 will be placed on academic leave from the college through the next full academic semester. A student placed on academic leave will be provided counseling/advisement with appropriate college personnel regarding reinstatement procedures.

Reinstatement: Following academic leave, the student may initiate readmission to the college by making an appointment with an advisor. The student will return on 12-credit probation restriction and must earn a semester GPA of 2.00 or higher. The student will remain on restricted probation until the requirements listed under “Removal from Probationary Status” above are met. Failure to meet the above requirements while on restricted probation will result in another semester of academic leave.

Developmental Probation Policy*
Students enrolled in two or more developmental courses who earn a final grade of an “X” or “NP” in at least two of those courses will be placed on Developmental Probation Level 1.  The Developmental Probation Level 1 status requires developmental students to register through an advisor and to register for no more than twelve (12) credits. The developmental courses that were not successfully completed must be included in those 12 credits.

During the semester of Developmental Probation Level 1:

  • If a student successfully completes at least two of the developmental courses in which he/she earned a final grade of “X” or “NP,” probation status is then lifted and the student may register for appropriate courses without credit restriction.
  • If a student does not successfully complete at least two developmental courses, he/she will be placed on Developmental Probation Level 2. The student must then register through an advisor and may register for no more six (6) credits. The developmental courses that have not been successfully completed must be included in those credits. If the student does not successfully complete the developmental courses in the third semester, he/she will be placed on Academic Leave.​

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I have a hold on my account.  What can I do?

There are a variety of holds that may be placed on a students account.  Holds typically prevent students from performing certain actions such as course registration. Listed below are some of the more common holds a student may experience.​

Outstanding Account Balance - This hold means that you have an unpaid bill with the college.  This may be related to tuition, fees, books, or some other expense that has occurred.  Call 856-468-5000 x2226 to reslove the hold.

Graduate Update Program - This hold is placed on your account once you graduate from RCSJ.  Should you decide to return to RCSJ after completing your degree, you can contact the Admissions Office at 856-468-5000 x2209 to update your program of student and re-enroll at RCSJ.

Stopped Out Update App 3 years - This hold is placed on an account when a student fails to register for courses within a 3 year window.  Students should contact the admissions office at 856-468-5000 x2209 to have the hold removed when they decide to return.

Students who have other holds on their account should contact their Academic Advisor for additional assistance and clarification.

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What can I do if I am having trouble with a course?

If you are having trouble with a course, you should first dicuss your concern with your instructor.  Your instructor may be able to assist you in identifing these challenges and provide suggestions for improving your performance. You may also want to consider making an appointment with your advisor to discuss your concerns. The Academic Support Center also provides FREE tutoring services for all RCSJ students.  Tutoring services are located in room 603 of the Academic Support Center and are open from 9am to 7pm during the fall and spring semesters.  Winter and summer hours may vary.  The Academic Support Center can be reached by calling 856-681-6250, by email at [email protected].  For more inforamtion about the Academic Support Center, please click here.

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How do I drop/withdrawal from a course?

To avoid owing a bill, students must drop classes before the semester begins. If a class is dropped during a partial refund period, the student will owe only a portion of the bill. A dropped class does NOT appear on the student’s transcript.

A withdrawal occurs after the refund period. Students are financially responsible for withdrawn classes. A withdrawal appears on the student’s transcript as a “W” grade.

An audit allows the student to continue in the class, but he or she is subject to certain conditions specified by the instructor. The student will receive a grade of “R,” which appears on the transcript but is not included in the student's grade point average. Audited courses are not eligible for financial aid. 

Students who wish to withdraw from a class must pick up a Withdrawal Form from the Information Center in the Student Services Building. Students who are receiving financial aid, Educational Opportunity Fund (EOF) or New Jersey Student Tuition Assistance Reward Scholarship (NJ STARS) funding must have the form signed by the respective officials. All Withdrawal Forms must be signed by an advisor. Students then may submit the completed form to the Student Records Department.

For more information about dropping/withdrawaling from a course, auditing a course, or viewing the current list of withdrawal dates please click here.

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How do I file a Petition to Graduate?

Students should file a Graduation Petition after registering for their next to last semester. Students will receive a Graduation Verification indicating the requirements remaining to be completed and any problems associated with their degree completion via their RCSJ email.  Students should check the spelling of their name and degree listed for accuracy.  Students will be listed as Summer, December, January, or May graduates based upon the date of completion of degree requirements with the exception of Diagnostic Medical Sonography and Nuclear Medicine Technology students who will be listed as June graduates.

Students who plan to graduate in May and file a Petition to Graduate by December 1st will be invited to participate in Instant Decision Day.  This highly successful transfer event provides RCSJ students who have applied to graduate, with the unique opportunity to receive on-the-spot admission decisions from representatives from participating four-year institutions.  This is an annual, invitation-only event!

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Can I repeat a course?

RCSJ allows you to repeat a class more than once for any reason. All attempts and grades will show on your transcript, but only the highest grade will be used in calculating your cumulative grade-point average (GPA).

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What is Academic Amnesty?

Any student who previously attended RCSJ is qualified for academic amnesty
if that student:

  1. withdrew from the College with a cumulative GPA below 2.00 or was otherwise
    on academic probation or academic leave
  2. had five (5) years elapse since the end of the term of last attendance and then
    returns to credit enrollment at the College
  3. needs additional courses to complete program requirements
  4. has not previously been granted academic amnesty

Academic amnesty is an option that the returning student must request prior to or during the first semester of re-entry after the five-year absence.  Under academic amnesty, courses that were taken five years or more prior to re-entry will still appear on the transcript, but only those previous grades of “C-” or better will be counted for purposes of determining the cumulative GPA and for purposes of counting credits toward graduation. Amnesty means that such a student will no longer be on academic probation, if this condition prevailed at the time of last attendance. A student wishing to be granted amnesty who does not meet the criteria will be required to work with an advisor to develop their plan in writing. The advisor will then provide a recommendation to the Vice President of Academic Services who will make the final decision. Academic Amnesty cannot be used to evaluate Satisfactory Academic Progress for students applying for financial aid.  For more details about Academic Amnesty, please make an appointment with your advisor.

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What do I need to apply to a Selective Admissions program like LPN-RN, Nursing, DMS, NMT, PTA, or Automotive Technology?

Selective Admissions programs include the following programs:

  • LPN-RN
  • Nursing
  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography
  • Nuclear Medicine Technology
  • Physical Therapist Assistant
  • Automotive Technology​​

Acceptance to these programs is competitive. Applicants interested in a selective admission program must meet requirements beyond those for general admission to Rowan College. Those wishing to apply to any Selective Admission program are encouraged to read the detail requirements of the program by clicking here. It is the applicant’s responsibility to meet each of the program requirements listed. Applicants must be certain they obtain the selective admission packet of information for the year they wish to apply.

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When will I get my diploma?

Information regarding diplomas, dates they are distributed, or how to seek a replacement can be found by clicking here.


How do I know if I need a PIN # to register?

Listed below is the criteria for determining who will need a PIN and who will not.

No PIN # Required – Current Student
PIN #'s are not required if:
  • You have earned 15+ college level credits
  • Have a GPA of >=2.0
PIN # Required – Current Student

PIN #'s are required if:

  • You have not earned at least 15 college level credits at RCSJ
  • Have a GPA of < 2.0
  • Potential EOF student enrolled in their first semester

    Special cohorts may have the following restrictions that will prevent you from registering:
  • International Students – HOLD placed on account and lifted by advisor when registering
  • HSOP Students – HOLD placed on account which requires manual registration at Student Records after you meet with an HSOP Advisor
  • Nursing/Allied Health (Selective Admissions only) – will need a PIN # if you have not earned at least 15 college level credits at RCSJ.
  • Probation/Leave – Will receive a PIN # during your appointment with either your assigned advisor or the Probation/Leave advisor.

PIN # Required – All New Students
If you are registering for the first time at RCSJ and have completed your application along with placement testing, you must meet with your advisor during the open registration period where you will receive advisement and you PIN #.  This includes returning students who have not attended RCSJ in over 3 years, transfer students, and visiting students.

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