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Testing at Cumberland

Online Brush-Up Courses

​​​​​​Hybrid Live Online Brush-Ups 

Become College Ready with Brush-Ups! 


  • Arithmetic-MA091, Algebra-MA094 and English Brush-Ups are for students who have not taken developmental courses in that subject.
  • Brush-Up courses are presented in a hybrid Live Online format.  Each course will be a self-paced course with a mandatory 1-hour live online portion to start the course. 
  • Students need access to a personal computer/laptop, iPad or other device (Chromebooks are not recommended) and internet access/WIFI.  
  • It is the student's responsibility to attend all instructional hours in order to take and pass the test given on the last day of class. Upon passing, students will be ready to register for college-level courses.  
  • Registration for each Brush Up will end the Friday (9 days prior) before the class begins. *For all Brush Up registration questions, please contact [email protected].
  • Cost is $65 per Brush-Up. 

Registration for Students:
Step 1
If you have not already done so, complete your application to RCSJ Cumberland 

Step 2
Create and register your CE online education account​. A student email is required for registration into the Brush-Up courses.​​

Step 3
View offerings and choose your Brush-Up course from GoSignMeUp.

Step 4

Enter Payment Information. You will receive an email upon successful registration. Classes will be entered into Blackboard by noon of the first day of class. The Zoom link is accessed through the class in Blackboard.

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