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Scholarships for RCSJ Students

Instructions & Requirements

The Rowan College Foundation at the Gloucester campus ​offers a variety of scholarship opportunities for students. Scholarships are available for recent high school graduates, new students, current students, and returning students. Scholarship opportunities vary in amount and typically apply to the fall and spring semesters. 

Scholarship applicants must be admitted to Rowan College of South Jersey's Gloucester campus. If not currently admitted, complete an application for admission​ prior to applying for scholarships. Once admitted to Rowan College, students will receive a student ID, user name and password for access to the Rowan College Portal as well as to the online scholarship application system.

Scholarship applicants must provide the following documents submitted through the online scholarship system: 

  • Submit a 250-word essay clearly stating educational and career goals.

  • Submit a letter of recommendation or reference. Students will e-mail their reference through the online system to get their letter of recommendation from a professional or volunteer (i.e. professor/teacher, employer, counselor/advisor, coach). It is the student’s responsibility to ensure the reference provider completes this request prior to the application deadline.

  • Submit a transcript of grades (high school and/or college)

Important: Failure to comply with these guidelines and requirements will result in rejection of the student’s scholarship application.

Scholarship Recipients are selected by the RCSJ Scholarship and Awards Committee. Each completed​ application is reviewed and ranked for the committee. Recipient selection for a scholarship is very competitive. The Scholarship and Awards Committee is composed of members from the RCSJ-Gloucester campus faculty and staff.

Students that are selected to receive a Foundation Scholarship are notified of their award through the online scholarship database. Students should check their RCSJ student email accounts for scholarship notifications. Students that are not selected for a scholarship will also be notified through their student email address. Denial notices are generally not sent until the end of the summer.

Scholarship awards are processed through the Office of Financial Aid. Students will be able to view their scholarship awards in the Self-Service section of the student portal. Scholarship funds are not directly paid to the student but will be applied to the student's term bill by the Office of Financial Aid.

Book scholarships are scholarship opportunities that will not pay for tuition or fees. Recipients may only use their book scholarships at the RCSJ-Gloucester campus bookstore. Book scholarships follow the same rules and deadlines as traditional financial aid book vouchers. Recipients should verify fund availability and deadlines prior to attempting to purchase books or other required supplies.

New Jersey STARs students are eligible to apply for Foundation Scholarships. However, the New Jersey STARs students should check with the Office of Financial Aid to determine if their STARs funding amounts will be impacted.