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Counseling & Wellness Services

Counseling & Wellness Services

Counseling & Wellness Home

Rowan College South Jersey offers free and confidential, culturally-sensitive, short-term counseling services to all enrolled students. Counseling services help to improve the emotional well-being of students and reduce stigma through individual counseling, educational workshops, community referrals, and staff and faculty consultation. Our mission is to empower students to utilize effective strategies for handling their academic and life stressors, such as difficulty adjusting to college or life transitions, homelessness, family problems, substance use issues, emergency food assistance, energy assistance, childcare help, domestic violence, and/or navigating health insurance needs. 

Services are FREE and offered at the request of the student. Laws of confidentiality, ethics, and standards of clinical practice govern the process of counseling and referral service. Thus, information regarding students receiving counseling services will not be provided without student's consent. However, potential and/ or imminent risk to self or others may limit student's right to self-determination.

Students, staff, and faculty can email the wellness centers​​​.

Gloucester; Cumberland