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Syllabi at Cumberland

Syllabi at Cumberland

​​​​Course Syllabi

AC 103 Accounting Principles I
AC 104 Accounting Principles II
AC 201 Intermediate Accounting I
AC 202 Intermediate Accounting II
AC 221 Cost Accounting I
AC 231 Federal Taxation: Individual

AG 105 Introduction to Agricultural Science
AG 106 Plant Science
AG 107 Plant Propagation
AG 108 Herbaceous Plants
AG 114 Agriculture Internship
AG 201 Agricultural Marketing
AG 203 Fruit Production
AG 206 Vegetable Production
AG 207 Agricultural Pest Control & Management
AG 209 Introduction to Soil Science

AN 102 Cultural Anthropology
AN 103 Cultural Diversity in the US

AR 101 Art Appreciation
AR 103 Introduction to Art Therapy
AR 104 Intro to Art Therapy in Practice
AR 107 Art History I
AR 108 Art History II.pdf
AR 110 Fundamentals of Drawing
AR 113 Funadmentals of Drawing II
AR 115 Painting I
AR 120 Printmaking I
AR 140 Sculpture I
AR 145 Sculpture II
AR 200 Two Dimensional Design
AR 202 Color Therory and Practice
AR 213 Life Drawing
AR 215 Painting II

Basic Skills
EN 050 Introduction to College Reading and English I
EN 060 Introduction to College Reading and English II
EN 070 English Compostion I Workshop
MA 091 Mathematics and Beginning Algebra
MA 094 Mathematics and Beginning Algebra

Beverage and Tourism
BT 101 State and Federal Alcohol Compliance
BT 103 Wines of the World
BT 104 Beers of the World
BT 201 Breweries, Distilleries and Wineries of New Jersey

BI 101 General Biology I
BI 102 General Biology II
BI 104 Human Biology 
BI 105 Human Biology Laboratory
BI 106 Anatomy and Physiology 
BI 107 Anatomy and Physiology II
BI 118 Introduction to Biology Laboratory
BI 119 Introduction to Biology​
BI 122 Environmental Science
BI 201 Genetics
BI 203 Microbiology
BI 204 General Botany
BI 206 Entomology
BI 208 Infectious Diseases
BI 210 Basic Pathology
BI 215 Ecology​
BI 216 Biomechanics​

BU 106 Introduction to Management
BU 109 Business Law I
BU 113 Principles of Insurance
BU 114 Business Internship
BU 115 Introduction to Business

Child Advocacy
CA 101 Introduction to Child Advocacy

CR 101 Ceramics I
CR 102 Ceramics II
CR 103 Ceramics III
CR 105 Sculptural Ceramics
CR 106 Ceramics Technologies
CR 107 Clay Co-op Experience – Gallery
CR 108 Clay CO-OP Experiece - Studio
​​CR 109 Craft Business Practices

CO 101 Introduction to Mass Media
CO 104 Writing for Television and Radio
CO 114 Video Production and Digital Media Production I
CO 118 Introduction to Audio Production
CO 214 Video Production and Digital Media Production II
CO 239 Communications Internship
CO 240 Broadcast Media Internship

Computer Graphics
CG 101 Introduction to Computer Graphics
CG 102 Computer Illustration
CG 105 Desktop Publishing
CG 110 Digital Imaging
CG 112 Introduction to Motion Graphics
CG 113 Graphic Web Design
CG 114 Digital Photography
CG 201 Fundamentals of Graphis Design
CG 203 Communications Design
CG 204 Graphic Design Internship
CG 205 Portfolio Preparation and Presentation

Computer Science
CS 101 Introduction to the Microcomputer
CS 102 Applications on the Microcomputer
CS 111 Computer Science I
CS 112 Computer Science II
CS 132 Web Page Development I
CS 170 PC Services and Support


EL 010 Listening and Speaking I
EL 015 Reading and Writing I
EL 020 Listening and Speaking II
EL 025 Reading and Writitng II
EL 030 Listening and Speaking III
EL 035 Reading and Writitng III
EL 040 Listening and Speaking IV
EL 045 Reading and Writing  IV

Foreign Language
FR 101 Elementary French I
FR 102 Elementary French II
FR 201 Intermediate French I
FR 202 Intermediate French II
LI 101 Elementary Italian I
LI 102 Elementary Italian II
LS 101 Elementary Spanish I
LS 102 Elementary Spanish II
LS 104 Conversational Spanish I
LS 201 Intermediate Spanish I
LS 202 Intermediate Spanish II​

Freshmen Seminar
FS101 College Success Seminar Online
FS104 Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Seminar
FS110 Freshmen Seminar

GE 101 World Regional Geography
GE 102 Cultural Geography
GE 110 Cultural Geography of North America

Health Science
HS 101 Elements of Healthcare Careers
HS 103  Medical Terminology
HS 104 Introduction to Health Information Technology
HS 105 Introduction to Athletic Training
HS 109 Holistic Health
HS 112 Dynamics of Health & Fitness
HS 115 Basic Nutrition
HS 140 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
HS 145 Exercise Science I
HS 218 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
HS 245 Exercise Science II

HI 101 Western​ Civilization I
HI 102 Western Civilization II
HI 103 World History and Culture I
HI 104 World History and Culture II
HI 113 Latin American History
HI 116 The Holocaust
HI 201 United States History I
HI 202 United States History II
HI 208 African American History​

Justice Studies
CJ 102 Criminology & Penology
CJ 103 Introduction to Private Security
CJ 104 Criminal Law
CJ 111 Introduction to Constitutional Law
CJ 115 Diversity Issues in Criminal Justice
CJ 120 Introduction to Cybercrime
CJ 130 Introduction to Emergency Management
CJ 141 Criminal Justice Leadership: Theory and Practice
CJ 202 Police Organization & Administration
CJ 203 Police and Youth Crime Prevention and Control
CJ 205 Criminal Investigation
CJ 206 Introduction to Terrorism
CJ 207 Administration of Justice
CJ 209 Criminalistics
CJ 210 Juvenile Delinquency
CJ 211 Institutional Treatmen​t of the Offender
CJ 212 Principles of Correctional Operations
CJ 213 Criminal Psychopathology
CJ 214 Correctional Counseling & Intervention
CJ 215 Criminal Justice Field Work
CJ 216 Crime Analysis Mapping
CJ 218 Victimology
CJ 220 Youth ​Ganags and Violence

MA 109 Principles of Mathematics
MA 110 College Algebra
MA 111 Discrete Mathematics
MA 115 Mathematical Structures & Algorithms
MA 120 College Trigonometry
MA 121 Precalculus Mathematics
MA 130 Calculus I
MA 140 Calculus II
MA 205 Statistics I
MA 206 Statistics II
MA 207 Linear Algebra Lab for Engineers
MA 208 Linear Algebra
MA 210 Calculus III
MA 220​ Differential Equations

MU 101 Music Appreciation
MU 102 Fundamentals of Music
MU 103 Music Theory I
MU 104 Music Theory II
MU 106, 107, 212, 213 College Chorus I, II, III, IV 
MU 108, 109, 208, 209 Concert Band I, II, III, IV
MU 110, 111, 210, 211 Jazz Ensemble I, II, III, IV
MU 112 Sight Singing and Ear Training I
MU 113 Sight Singing and Ear Training II
MU 114 History of Music
MU 115 History of Jazz and Popular Music
MU 116, 117, 216, 217 Small Music Ensemble I, II, III, IV
MU 146 Music of the Theatre
MU 150, 151, 250, 251 Applied MusicPiano I, II, III, IV
MU 162, 163, 262, 263 Applied Music Voice I, II, III, IV​
MU 164, 165, 264, 265 Applied Music Guitar I, II, III, IV
MU 166, 167, 266, 267 Applied Music Percussion I, II, III, IV
MU 168, 169, 268, 269 Applied Music Strings I, II, III, IV
MU 170, 171, 270, 271 Applied Music Woodwinds I, II, III, IV
MU 172, 173, 272, 273 Applied Music Brass I, II, III, IV
MU 180, 181, 280, 281 Applied Music in Composition I, II, III, IV
MU 214 - MIDI & Recording I​

NU112 Intro to the Nursing Success
NU113 Concepts in Nursing Practice I
NU114 Concepts in Nursing Practice II
NU209 Nursing Concepts in Global Health & Diversity
NU210 Concepts in Nursing Practice III
NU211 Concepts in Nursing Practice IV
NU212 Concepts of Leadership in Health Care System
PN101 Foundations of Practical Nursing Practice
PN102 Medical Surgical Practical Nursing
PN103 Advanced Concepts in Medical Surgical Practical Nursing
PN104 Family Centered Practical Nursing

Ornamental Horticulture
OH 106 Plant Materials
OH 108 Herbaceous Plants
OH 130 Identification of Interior Plants
OH 204 Greenhouse Management
PH 101 Introduction to Philosophy
PH 102 Introduction to Ethics

Political Science
PS 201 American Federal Government
PS 203 State and Local Government

Public Administration
PA 101 Public Administration
PA 200 Budget and Grant Writing

Public Relations
PR 105 Introduction to Public Relations
PR 106 Special Events Planning & Management​

RT100 - Radiography Theory & Clinical Remediation
RT101 - Introduction to Radiologic Science
RT102 - Radiographic Procedures I
RT103 - Clinical Practicum & Image Evaluation I
RT104 - Radiographic Exposure I
RT106 - Radiographic Exposure II
RT107 - Radiographic Procedures II
RT110 - Clinical Practicum & Image Evaluation II
RT111 - Clinical Practicum & Image Evaluation III
RT121 - Radiation Protection & Biology
RT201 - Radiographic Procedures III
RT202 - Clinical Practicum & Image Evaluation IV
RT205 - Radiographic Procedures IV
RT206 - Clinical Practicum & Image Evaluation V 
RT210 - Clinical Practicum & Image Evaluation VI
RT220 - Equipment Operation & Maintenance I
RT221 - Equipm​ent Operation & Maintenance II

Real Estate
RE 101 Real Estate Salesperson

RL 101 Perspectives on Religion
RL 102 World Religions
RL 103 Asian Religions

GL101 Physical Geology
GL102 Historical Geology
GL117 Earth Science
HS101 Elements of Healthcare Careers
HS103 Medical Terminology
HS105 Intro to Athletic Training
HS109 Holistic Health
HS112 Dynamics of Health & Fitness
HS115 Basic Nutrition
HS140 Legal and Ethical Issues in Healthcare
HS218 Preventions & Care of Athletic Injuries
PI104 Energy, the Environment and Society
PI105 Physical Science
PI106 Principles of Science I
PI107 Principles of Science I Lab
PI108 Atmospheric Science 
PI116 Astronomy
PI117 Astronomy Laboratory
PI123 Fundamentals of Physics 
PI124 Fundamentals of Physics II
PI141 General Physics
PI142​ General Physics​ II

Social Sciences
PY101 - General Psychology
PY102 - Child Psychology
PY115 - Child Development & Learning
PY202 - Understanding Addictive Behavior
PY204 - Psychology of Adolescence
PY205 - Psychopharmacology
PY207 - Human Growth & Development
PY209 - Abnormal Behavior
PY213 - Educational Psychology
PY214 - Human Exceptionality
SO 201 - Introduction to Sociology
SO 202 - Contemporary Social Problems
SO 205 - Introduction to Gerontology
SO 207 - Social Minorities & Intergroup Relations
SO 212 - Social Psychological Counseling
SO 214 - Introduction to Sports & Sociology
SO 215 - Death & Dying
SO 216 - Sociology of the Family
SO 217 - Human Behavior & the Social Environment I
SO 219 - Human Behavior & the Social Environment II
SO 220 - Social Work & Social Welfare
SO 221 - Social Service Field Work I
SO 222 - Social Service Field Work II
SO 223 - Drug & Alcohol Certification Field Work I
SO 224 - Sociology of the Community