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​​​​​What is Rowan College at South Jersey's 3+1 program?

Save on tuition and fees by completing your first 3 years at the community college cost (Rowan College - Gloucester) and the final year at the university rate (Rowan University). At least 30 credits of a bachelor’s degree program must be completed at Rowan University for the degree to be awarded. This is a Rowan University requirement.  

Earn a Bachelor's Degree at Rowan University
The Bachelor of Arts in Computing and Informatics program prepares students for professional careers in four major areas:

  • Programmers
  • Infrastructure Administrators
  • Software QA / Testing Engineers
  • Computer Service Coordinators

Complete your Junior year at Rowan College South Jersey
Rowan College South Jersey follows Rowan University's course curriculum with 300-level classes taught by Rowan College South Jersey's advanced-degree faculty.  These classes transfer to Rowan University and meet requirements for the third year of the program.


Start your college career at Rowan College South Jersey
Students must first complete the following degree program at RCSJ - Cumberland.

Cybersecurity (A.S.)
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