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Conference Center room with tables, table decorations, and projectors awaiting your next event.

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General Information
This information is intended to provide Conference & Events Center users with a full understanding of the parking and traffic procedures on campus. Our traffic and parking regulations have been designed for safety and security. Please familiarize yourself with this information.

Unless reserved parking has been arranged for an event, the parking facilities are utilized on a first come/first serve basis. The responsibility of finding an authorized parking space rests with the vehicle operator; inability to do so shall not be justification for improper parking.

You will find that parking on campus is relatively available and accessible.

Parking is available in parking areas A, B, C, D, E, G, H and I as well as along the outside perimeter road next to the tennis courts and baseball field. Parking lot G is adjacent to the Conference and Performing Arts Centers and most convenient for Center events. Within these areas, parking places are designated by white line markings. Allowable parking is between two white lines. Any area not designated with two white lines is a No Parking area. Not all No Parking areas are posted with signs. The absence of a sign does not mean parking is permitted.

Disabled parking places are designated by blue line markings. Only vehicles with disabled parking tags, or displaying a temporary approval for disabled parking, are allowed to park in the designated disabled parking areas.

Visitor parking is available for short-term parking. Unauthorized vehicles in visitor parking can be issued parking violations.

Traffic Pattern
Almost all of the roads and parking lots are one-way directional traffic patterns. The one-way direction is indicated by signs on campus. This pattern has been designed for safety and to reduce congestion and improve access both to and from campus, and in and out of parking areas. Failure to observe these traffic patterns can cause backups and parking congestion and may result in auto accidents.

The speed limit is 10 mph. Your observance and compliance with these traffic patterns and regulations will enhance parking and traffic flow.

Vehicle & Property Safety
Observance of the traffic and parking regulations will enhance the safety of your vehicle and deter damages, theft, and vandalism. Removing from sight valuable items will reduce the likelihood of the theft of such items