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Campus Life

Campus Life at Cumberland

Gender-Neutral Restrooms

​​​Cumberland County College desires to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all learners, visitors and employees.

The Policy
The Board of Trustees approved Cumberland County College’s Title IX Policy in 2015 which states: "The College condemns and prohibits discrimination based on sex or gender, sexual assault, sexual orientation discrimination, discrimination based on gender identity or expression, discrimination based on an individual's race, color, religion, sex, disability, national origin, veteran's status, age, marital status or other legally protected characteristic whether committed by managers faculty, administrators, staff, students visitors, or by vendors."

The Need
  • Cumberland County College desires to provide a safe, comfortable environment for all learners, visitors and employees.
  • Members of the LGBTQ+ Community report incidents during which they have felt uncomfortable or have been made to feel unsafe in gender-specific restrooms on our campus.
  • New Jersey anti-discrimination law includes gender non-conforming people.
The Process
  • During the Spring 2017 semester, a student club identified the need to increase access to gender-neutral restrooms on our campus.
  • Students from this club organized to explore solutions to address this need, and to develop recommendations to the President.
  • This exploration included surveying each public access restroom on campus to identify those that are in areas accessed by large numbers of students and others, have additional restrooms nearby for those who choose not to use a gender-neutral restroom, and are located in buildings situated in a manner providing ready access to all parts of the campus.
The Outcome
  • Restrooms at one location in the Student Services Building and one location in the Fine and Performing Arts Building have been aligned to meet this need.
  • Signage indicating that these restrooms are gender-neutral has been installed.
  • Other restrooms in these buildings remain gender-specific.
The Future
  • The need for further modifications to these restrooms will be evaluated.
  • Additional gender-neutral restrooms will be considered during future renovation and construction projects.
  • Comments should be addressed to Human resources personnel and/or the College’s Title IX Coordinator.