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Health Professions

Health Professions

Student Nurse Advocacy

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Notice: The Final LPN –RN track Cohort Winter 2021.

In July of 2019 Rowan College of Gloucester County merged with Cumberland County College. ​Thereby creating a new name of Rowan College of South Jersey.
As a result of the merger, the New Jersey State Board of Nursing has required a combined Nursing program between the two campuses. Pending approval of the new curriculum from the Board of Nursing and the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), the new program is anticipated to be implemented in fall of 2021.
Future LPN-RN tracks are on hold. Prospective candidates are eligible to apply to the revised generic track curriculum for fall of 2021.​​​​

Honor Society

RCSJ-Cumberland is charted as the Alpha Nu Chapter of the Alpha Nu Nursing Honor Society.

Alpha Delta Nu is the Honor Society for Associate Degree Nursing Students that recognizes nursing students who excel academically. Students need to meet the following criteria for formal induction into the Alpha Delta NU:

  • Earned grade of B or better in each nursing class 
  • No previous failures of any nursing class
  • Students must have demonstrated conduct on campus and in the clinical areas that reflect integrity and professionalism

The National Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (N-OADN), in order to promote scholarship and academic excellence in the profession of nursing, has established the N-OADN Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society and has made provisions for the establishment of Institutional Honor Society Chapters.

To promote scholarship and academic excellence in the profession of nursing, the Organization for Associate Degree Nursing (OADN), has established the Alpha Delta Nu  Honor Society and has made provisions for the establishment of Institutional Honor Society Chapters.

The objective of the OADN Alpha Delta Nu Nursing Honor Society shall be to recognize the academic excellence of students in the study of Associate Degree Nursing. The society shall encourage the pursuit of advance degrees in the profession of nursing as well as continuing education as a life-long professional responsibility. Additionally, the society shall participate in the recruitment of qualified individuals into the profession of nursing.

Student Nurse Organization (SNO)

Mission & Purpose

The overall purpose of the Student Nurse Organization (SNO) is to develop, promote and implement professional and educational related programs while maintaining high standards nursing practice. The underlying threads which connect the purpose of the college mission are to:

  • Promote and foster individual development of the professional nursing student through educational, social and cultural activities with the college and greater community. 
  • Elevate the level of health knowledge. Promote wellness and prevention within the college community and the Cumberland County communities.

General Information

The Student Nurse Organization is a program level club that allows students to become familiar with professional associations in nursing. The National SNO provides job fairs and conferences aimed at the student nurse population. Faculty and Staff from RCSJ-Cumberland Nursing Program have participated in providing educational sessions at the SNA conferences in Atlantic City.

Students who participate in the RCSJ-Cumberland SNO are afforded various opportunities to serve the community, such as blood pressure screenings at Health Fairs and RCSJ-Cumberland Nursing Program awareness at College events. Students participate in fundraisers to offset the costs associated with the RCSJ-Cumberland​ Nursing Pin, as well as the costs to host a 'post pinning' reception for family and loved ones. Nursing Program tee shirts, sweats and other merchandise is offered through the SNO. Officers of the SNO hold leadership responsibilities and have provided the 'voice' of the students in recent efforts such as a change in clinical uniforms. Membership is free, all nursing students are encouraged to participate in this worthwhile association.